Thai Pumpkin Soup

One of my lovely friends brought me a container of this liquid gold when I was convalescing from a recent surgery. It has since become my new favourite soup, and when I was feeling back to myself post-surgery I made myself a slow-cooker full of it, portioned it up into takeaway containers and froze it for quick, easy work lunches. If you don't have a slow-cooker it's just as easy to cook on the stove.

You will need...
1 medium-sized kent pumpkin (or butternut if you wish)
4 Tbsp of red curry paste- I always use Ayam as I like the flavour, but you can use whichever brand you prefer
2 tins full-fat coconut cream
1 salt-reduced chicken stock cube (optional, but I think it gives it a bit of an extra flavour. Make sure you use salt-reduced otherwise your soup will be extra salty)
washed coriander to serve

1. Peel, deseed and dice the pumpkin. Add to the pre-heated slow cooker or a large heavy-based saucepan. Add the curry paste and stir to coat. Pour over the coconut cream and break up the stock cube and add. Stir well.
2. Cook on high slow cooker setting (or simmer, uncovered on the stovetop) until pumpkin is soft and falls apart when pressed with a wooden spoon.
3. Use a cup to scoop out about 1-2 cups of the cooking liquid and set aside. Use a hand-held blender or upright blender to process the pumpkin. Add the cooking liquid back to the mix until the desired consistency is reached*. Serve hot with fresh, chopped coriander.

*I do this because I like a thicker consistency soup and it's good to be able to add the liquid back to the pumpkin as needed, rather then ending up with a watery soup.

Mmmmm.. Thick, glossy and a perfect workday lunch to keep you productive!
NB: As an extra flavour-enhancer you could add sautéed onion and garlic, and kaffir lime leaves before simmering. Remember to remove the kaffir lime before blending.


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