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Chilli Con Carne

My husband and I are big on Mexican food. We cook Mexican once or twice a week for dinner. Usually having tacos, I decided to do something a little bit different, so I incorporated traditional Mexican flavours in this dish (which I think might have originated in Texas? Don't shoot me if I'm wrong!). I always keep tortillas in the pantry but I had a sourdough baguette that needed to be used so I decided to use that as an accompaniment instead so I could use it up, if I were to use the tortillas I would cut them into triangles, like a pizza, and bake them in the oven to make them crispy to dip in the chilli.

You will need... 4-5 serves (depending on how big a bowl you like!)
700gr premium, grass-fed beef mince
1 Tbs olive oil
1 brown onion
1/2 red capsicum
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
2 tsp smoky paprika
1/2 tsp dried chilli flakes (or more if you like it very spicy!)
2 Tbs tomato paste
2 tins of chopped Italian tomatoes (organic if you can!)
400ml …

Healthy Pork Pad Thai

Again I'm going with the healthy theme, this is a great dish I made up to utilise some of the absolutely delicious organic veggies I purchased. You can add whatever vegetables you like to this Pad Thai, and if you don't like pork you can always use chicken instead. This is a great way to get more serves out of a small amount of meat, and cramming as many veggies as possible into your meal.

You will need.. (serves 4)
2 trimmed pork cutlets (again, free range), use any kind of pork you like, I opted for cutlets and trimmed off the fat for a leaner cut of meat (you could just buy the eye fillet if you like, 300gr would suffice)
For the pork rub...
1/2 tsp peppercorns
1/2 tsp coriander seeds
1 large garlic clove
2 tsp lemongrass (1 inch piece of stalk)
1/4 tsp dried chilli flakes (or fresh chilli if you prefer)

For the stir fry...
1 packet Pad Thai rice noodles
2 tsp peanut oil (feel free to use coconut or an alternative oil if you have an allergy)
1/4 head broccoli
1/2 red capsicu…

Chicken Rissoles W Napoli Sauce and Polenta

I've made rissoles in the past using beef mince, in some instances I have served them without the Napoli sauce, but they're always better if they're briefly braised. The end result is so much juicier and yummy. You are more then welcome to alter this recipe if you'd prefer to use beef or pork, but always opt for free-range if possible, and if you can get grass-fed (which is what animals are supposed to eat!) then go for it!

I would recommend making your own breadcrumbs too, because we always end up throwing out the crusty ends of our loaves of bread which is a waste. To be more economical, you can place them back into a bread bag and freeze them. If you do this every week with the crusty ends, before long you'll have a full bread bag, then all it takes is a couple of pulses in the food processor and you have home made breadcrumbs. You can place the crumbs into a zip lock bag or container, back into the freezer and voila! You've got easy, ready made fresh bread…

It's time to make a change.

Hello to anyone who is reading this right now!!

It's been a little while since I posted any recipes. I had been on holidays for a couple of weeks and I have been avoiding sitting at the computer! Instead I traded my trusty laptop for the TV and my exercise bike. I watched so many movies and shows in the holidays, I'm definitely getting my monies worth of Foxtel!

More importantly, I've started delving into the scary world of documentaries and books about diet and food.

I've always had an awareness of what I eat, this doesn't mean I eat well though. I go through cycles of healthy eating which for me consists of calorie counting, upping my intake of fresh food and limiting processed foods. This is usually short-lived until I get stressed, bored or tired of constantly thinking of food or cooking healthy meals so then I give up, start binging and really not caring about what I put into my body...

Until I start feeling sick or look at the scales and realise I need to …