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Vanilla Cupcakes and Sponge Cake

Ok, I lied. I posted last year that I had 'The Best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe' but honestly. I should never be claiming that I have 'the best' anything, because how do I really know if mines the best?

Admittedly, when I say 'the best' what I really should be saying 'it's pretty good comparable to others that I've tried' but that doesn't sound as good does it?
Having said that, I have discovered a better recipe for vanilla cupcakes. It's not mine, and I have not altered it in the slightest because honestly, the person who wrote the recipe is waaaay more skilled then me and I wouldn't dream of messing with this recipe! I think it's perfect the way it is!
That person is the one and only CRUMB BOSS... Although I don't think she goes by that anymore, she switched youtube channels (I think she had a falling out with her producer), and now she's just Gretchen at Woodland Bakery, she still has her own youtube channel with informativ…

Bircher Muesli

I personally think breakfast muesli is an awesome start to the day. It fills you up for longer and gives you enough energy to get you to morning tea if not lunch! Bircher is perfect for those of us on the go who don't have time to fiddle around making a healthy and hearty breakfast in the morning. It's also perfect for those warmer days when you are sick of eating cereal but can't bear a hot breakfast.

This recipe needs to be made at least one day ahead of time. My trick is that I make it on Sunday, and I make enough for about 4 serves. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are taken care of, and by Friday I'm keen to change it up a bit and make myself something savoury.

You can do it one of two ways, you can buy the rolled oats on their own, and then add your own nuts and dried fruits. You can put whatever you like in it, almonds, pepitas, apricot, shaved coconut, raisins, linseeds, dates, walnuts, dried apple, the list goes on. Or you can buy a pre-made muesli m…

Braza and The Roosevelt Hotel

I just thought I'd share an experience with you today instead of a recipe. We went up to Sydney a little while ago and went out for dinner to a Brazilian Barbecue restaurant in the Darling Quarter (Darling Harbour, Sydney) called Braza.. Matt and I had been to one of the Braza restaurants before (they have three restaurants, one in Leichhardt and one in Newport also) and I'll tell you now they did not disappoint!

They have a churasco menu, which is a set-price-all-you-can-eat-meat-a-thon. They roast all their meats over hot coals and serve them on swords, with waiters coming to every table and slicing off generous chunks to pile onto your plate. The variety is staggering and I wont list them all because it'll take me all day, but they have all the cuts of beef, lamb and pork under the sun, not to mention chicken, fish, prawns, chorizo, and haloumi.... Ohhh the haloumi.... Matt ended up eating at least 10 slices of the stuff. Then to finish off they have roasted pineapple- t…