Braza and The Roosevelt Hotel

I just thought I'd share an experience with you today instead of a recipe. We went up to Sydney a little while ago and went out for dinner to a Brazilian Barbecue restaurant in the Darling Quarter (Darling Harbour, Sydney) called Braza.. Matt and I had been to one of the Braza restaurants before (they have three restaurants, one in Leichhardt and one in Newport also) and I'll tell you now they did not disappoint!

They have a churasco menu, which is a set-price-all-you-can-eat-meat-a-thon. They roast all their meats over hot coals and serve them on swords, with waiters coming to every table and slicing off generous chunks to pile onto your plate. The variety is staggering and I wont list them all because it'll take me all day, but they have all the cuts of beef, lamb and pork under the sun, not to mention chicken, fish, prawns, chorizo, and haloumi.... Ohhh the haloumi.... Matt ended up eating at least 10 slices of the stuff. Then to finish off they have roasted pineapple- the best pineapple you'll ever eat!
After this offensive amount of food we decided we would digest over a few well-made cocktails, and so we headed over to Potts Point to The Roosevelt Bar and Diner, we had heard about it through Facebook, and after a little research decided it was definitely worth checking out.

If you're into unique twists on classic cocktails using liquid nitrogen and blowtorches, served in a classic setting that's full of history and gives you a sense of what it was like in Hollywood circa 1947 then this is the place for you. I seriously can't wait to get back. How is it possible that this little gem has been around for over 60 years and this is the first I'm hearing about it?

We were so excited we tried several different cocktails, one of which was a 'Nitro Colada'... Think pina colada, topped with meringue that is blow-torch toasted right in front of you. I would recommend going with a couple of people, ordering a few different drinks and trying each others, because there are so many good cocktails you really wont be able to choose.

So obviously I'm counting the days until I can go back- I'm hooked on the style, showmanship and tastiness that The Roosevelt has to offer, next time I'm even planning to try the food menu, up-market bar food with an American twist? YES PLEASE!!

Don't be surprised by the poor quality of the photos by this point

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