Shepherds Pie

Who loves a good shepherd's pie? I know I do! It's not something I have often cooked but now I'm a mum, I'm on the search for things that are nutritious, don't take ages to prepare and I can portion and freeze for convenience. This is definitely one of those recipes, especially with the hidden veggies- your kids will love it!
You will need.. For the filling- 1kg beef mince 2 zucchinis (small-medium/ or one large) 2 carrots (as above) 1 brown onion 1 clove garlic 1 Tbsp olive oil 2 Tbsp tomato paste 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 beef stock cube 1 cup water 3 bay leaves 1 tsp dried mixed herbs salt and pepper to season 1 cup frozen peas
For the topping- 1-1.5kgs of washed potatoes 1 cup salt (to salt-bake the potatoes) 2 Tbsp butter 2 Tbsp milk 1/2 cup parmesan cheese
1. Start by preheating your oven to 220 degrees celsius. Pour the cup of salt into a baking tray and place the potatoes on top. Put the tray into the oven and roast the potatoes until they…

Spaghetti with Pork and Fennel Bolognese

You will need...
400gr pork mince
1 tsp fennel seeds (more or less depending on how much you like fennel flavour!)
1 small brown onion
2 garlic cloves
500ml passata
1 zucchini (optional)
olive oil
1/2 tsp sugar
2 Tbsp red wine vinegar or balsamic
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 packet spaghetti (2-3 serves)
3-4 sprigs fresh parsley
1/4 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese


Peel and finely dice the onion, peel and crush the garlic. Quarter lengthways and dice the zucchini. Wash and pick the parsley and roughly chop.In a large, non-stick frying pan, heat 2 tsp of olive oil. Add the onion and cook on low until soft and transparent for 5-6 minutes. Add the garlic and fennel, then cook until fragrant. Turn heat to medium-high and add the meat. Cook until browned, breaking up chunks with a wooden spoon.Once meat is browned, add the passata, zucchini, salt and pepper. Reduce to low and leave to simmer for 10 minutes.Meanwhile, bring a pot of salted water to the boil. Add spaghetti and st…

Easy Veggie and Feta Muffins

I always have something like these in my freezer, they're really a no-rules snack and go great in lunchboxes, for on-the-go breakfast or just some afternoon tea. You can eat them cold, reheat them in the oven or microwave and they're goooood!
You will need.. 2 medium zucchinis 2 medium carrots 1 garlic clove 1/2 brown onion 1/2 cup of chopped spinach 2 sprigs parsley, chopped 6 cherry tomatoes 1/2 cup of feta 4 eggs 1 tsp lemon zest (optional) 3 Tbsp olive oil salt and pepper
Method... Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius (fan forced) and grease a 12-hole muffin tray with cooking spray (you can also use oil or butter if you prefer) Wash all the veggies and herbs. Cut the ends off the zucchini and carrot and grate (don't bother peeling the carrot) squeeze out excess liquid. Peel the skin off the onion and hold by the root, grate it finely. Crush the garlicCombine the grated vegetables with the garlic, chopped spinach and parsley, add the eggs and oil and mix well. Add season…

Quick and Easy Moroccan Pork with Cous Cous

Thirty minutes is all it takes to make this tasty dinner. I admit I got this one from Hellofresh. Some of their recipes are so good, we make them now even though we are no longer using the service!
You can find the recipe here , I haven't changed much, only quantified the ingredients they haven't, because they supply you with the tubs all measured out ready to go.
You will need...  1 small brown onion 1 clove garlic 300gr pork mince 2 Tbsp of chermoula spice mix (recipe on my blog here) 1 salt-reduced chicken stock cube 1/4 cup slivered almonds 1/2 cup water (for the pork) 3 Tbsp tomato paste 3 Tbsp mango chutney 1 cup couscous 1/5 cups water (for the couscous) olive oil salt and pepper 1/2 punnet cherry tomatoes 2 sprigs mint 2 Tbsp white wine vinegar  pinch white sugar
Method... Peel and finely dice the onion, mince the garlic.Heat a dry non-stick frying pan over a medium heat and add the almonds. Cook, until golden brown, tossing regularly to ensure even colour (alternately…

Grilled Prawns with Zucchini Noodles (Low Carb/Paleo)

You will need...
12 green banana prawns, peeled
10 cherry tomatoes, halved
3 medium zucchinis
3 cloves garlic
1 lemon, zest and juice
1 shallot, washed
2 sprigs basil
olive oil


Prepare your zucchinis, wash and trim the ends then spiralize them to your desired thickness (I prefer to keep them thicker as they stay crisp and don't go soggy so quicklyZest and juice your lemon, removing any pitsCrush the garlic, slice the shallotWash, pick and chop the basilMix the garlic, a Tbsp olive oil and half the lemon zest with the prawns, add a pinch of salt and pepper (you can do this in advance if you would like to marinate them!)Heat a pan on high. Add the prawns and let brown before turning.While pan is still on high, add the shallots and tomato and toss to coat. Quickly add the zoodles and then the lemon juice, salt, pepper and another dash of olive oil.Toss and allow to cook briefly for 3-5 minutes until zucchini is just warmed.Sprinkle with chopped basil and serve imme…

Lactation Cookies (with brewers yeast and oats for supply boost)

I will admit that the first time I heard the term 'Lactation Cookies' I was a bit confused. Like, are they biscuits made out of breast milk that you give to children? While I'm sure that recipe exists, I'm happy to report that these biscuits are actually to aid in increasing breastfeeding mothers milk supply. 
I got a couple of different recipes from a few different sources and combined them to make my own frankenrecipe. They turned out to be delicious and I ended up making about 4kgs worth, rolling into logs and freezing so I could defrost a log at a time, cut and bake 10-12 biscuits and eat them fresh as I went.
Long story short, I didn't get the benefit of them and my breastfeeding journey was woefully short but I know this recipe has helped other breastfeeding mothers and they definitely taste delicious and are an excellent snack for those early days when you crave sugar and easy food to keep you going through early parenthood.
This recipe contains brewers yea…

Pulled Mexican Chicken

You will need...
1 kg chicken thigh, bone out, skin off
1 tin diced Italian tomatoes
1/2 cup water
1 pkt taco seasoning (30gr) or you can make your own recipe link at bottom of post.
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp white sugar
1 tin black beans
1 brown onion
olive oil


Preheat slow cooker to highPeel and dice the onion.In a non-stick pan, sweat off the onion over a low heat in 1 Tbsp of olive oil until transparentRemove the onion and then turn pan heat to high. Add the chicken, careful not to overcrowd the pan. Sear until brown on both sides then transfer to slow cooker with the onion.Drain and rinse black beans, add to slow cooker, add remaining ingredients then stir to coat thighs.Cook on high setting for 1.5-2hrs. This will depend on your slow cooker, ideally you want the thighs to easily be pulled apart with tongs or a fork.
Remove chicken thighs, place in a tray and pull into desired sized chunks. Leave sauce to simmer in slow cooker if you would like it thickened.
This makes about 6 serv…