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Beef Massaman Curry

I recently invested in a slow cooker, as we are well into Autumn and the weather is starting to cool down I am getting into slow-cooked meals. I'm not a huge fan of soups and stews, but I love curries and slow-cooked meats so I decided to bite the bullet and make it a bit easier on myself. I figure I can prepare the ingredients the night before, put them in the slow cooker the following morning and come home from work to a perfectly braised meal, my life will be so much easier!

My first experience with the slow cooker is this Beef Massaman curry. I actually cheated and bought a pre-made spice mix from Curry Traders. I think there's no shame in buying pre-mixed spices for curries, as generally you will need about 10 different spices and unless you intend to cook these types of curries regularly there is no point cluttering up your pantry with all the individual spice-jars. Having said that, if you like to make your own I will include the recipe for the spices needed also.

You …