Nerding Out!

The Tri-Lambda's from Revenge of The Nerds, a classic 80's movie :-D
I'm the kind of person who enjoys studying... Call me a nerd if you will but I feel like if I go too long without learning something my brain starts to turn to mush. I've got grand plans of one day going to uni and studying something but until I know what that is, I'll just plod along and do courses that interest me.

Last year I did a 6 week course (one day a week) in Training and Assessing, which means I can teach vocational education- mainly teach people how to be chefs. The thing is, I'm currently happy in my job and I think I have it pretty good so I'm not in a rush to leave and work somewhere else.

So this year I have decided to brush up on my knowledge of nutrition and dietetics, I've got a pretty good understanding of nutrition from learning a module while I was training to be a chef and also from research I have undertaken for my own personal benefit.

I'm hoping I can share I little bit of what I learn in this course, maybe impart some more of my wisdom so that you and others not only learn how to cook yummy food, but learn how to eat well and make better choices. Don't stress though, everyone still needs a treat and the recipes I post won't all be healthy!


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