Seafoooood (and eat it!) - My top seafood recipes.

For all the non-Catholics out there, yesterday marked the beginning of Lent. I won't go into the religious details, but it means that every Friday, from now until Easter, we abstain from meat and opt for seafood or fish as a protein alternative (staunch Catholics do this every day during Lent, not just Fridays!).

So I thought that this would be a great excuse to reshare some of my all-time favourite seafood recipes! These recipes are great for any type of meal; healthy breakfasts, lunchbox fillers, easy weeknight dinners or for Sunday lunch sessions with friends or family.

River Cottage Mussels
#1 is River Cottage Mussels with bacon, greek onion and cider. The bacon in this recipe breaks the seafood rule so... Just pretend you can find something as equally as delicious as bacon to replace it with... You can throw in some garlic, celery, carrot and capsicum instead if you like. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to avoid alcohol during lent also, but this recipe is too good not to share! You cook the alcohol out anyway right?

Thai Salmon Fishcake
#2 is a post that has had more hits then any other!! This recipe is an absolute cracker and is actually quite healthy! The quinoa makes it look a bit festive too which is always fun. 

Grilled Swordfish
#3 Whoa... I think I went overboard on the filter for this one, this is definitely an older post! The salad is again with quinoa, but its the fish that I want you to look at! Swordfish is a heavy-textured fish which makes it perfect for barbecuing. It has a pretty light fishy flavour so if you're not a seafood lover but enjoy chicken then this is probably a good fish to try! You could change this up by cutting it into chunks, skewering it with the salad ingredients to make seafood kebabs and grilling it that way.

Prawn and Scallop noodle salad
#4 Prawns and scallops are literally my favourite food in the world. If I go out for dinner you can guarantee I'll order one of the two. I generally rate a restaurant based on if they have scallops on the menu and what they serve them with.

Grilled Scallops with BBQ corn Puree & Chorizo
#5 Surprise, surprise I have scallops on here twice. This is delicious and don't judge me. Again, you can omit the chorizo if abstaining from meat, maybe do something like grilled tomato instead.

Hot Smoked Salmon, Pesto, Peas & Mint
#6 I stole this recipe from a Delicious cookbook. The flavours are yummy and fresh and it works well as packed lunches for the week (if you don't mind stinking out your staffroom with smoked fish)

Cured Salmon
#7 Cured salmon is something that everyone should try at least once. It's simple to do and will have people amazed at your culinary prowess 'You cured it yourself?!'. It goes well with corn and zucchini fritters as pictured above, add a poached egg for a truly delectable breakfast. Have it on a bagel with some cream cheese if you like... either way, its delicious!


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