Hi guys,

Sorry I've been notably absent for a few months! Last year I had a pretty hectic end of year, which included some pretty crazy surgery (all fixed up now!) and a 5 week trip to the U.S.

I won't go on too much about our trip OS,  I will say that we ate our way across the continent and I have not only gotten a whole heap of inspiration but I've also gained about 3 kilos... Which I should probably lose if I want to ever get back into my size 10 jeans.

I'll just give you a few of the foodie highlights of the trip;

1. We came full circle on our trip, starting with In & Out Burger when we first landed in L.A, we also ended the trip with the same burgers at the same restaurant. http://www.in-n-out.com
2. I am now ruined for life after eating dinner at Eleven Madison Park (3 michelin stars), I will never be able to top this exquisite meal, but I will always cherish the memories of the playful and delicious take on American cuisine.
Duck Pastrami, mac&cheese, Sliders
3. We walked through what was seemingly an abandoned warehouse district (pretty sure it was actually the CBD, but was a bit of a ghost town on this day) for about 15 minutes to get to Cochon Butcher in New Orleans, don't even get me started on the Duck Pastrami Toastie.. Pure Heaven. I think NOLA was one of my favourite foodie spots, between the po'boys and the grilled oysters at ACME oyster house, I'm sure I put on 2 of my 3 kilos gained just in the French Quarter.

Grilled oysters @ ACME
Mother's Shrimp Po'Boy
4. Franklin Barbecue. The worlds best barbecue. Not an exaggeration. Don't bother going anywhere else. The 2 hour line up on the unreasonably cold day in Austin was well worth the smokey heaven that awaited us inside Franklin Barbecue. We tried everything, and it was good. If you love barbecue you need to get here, quick.
5. Qui in Austin, yes another Austin spot- there's no denying Austin has some pretty incredible food spots. I've never experienced flavours like these and I seriously eat a lot of food. I would live here, quite happily.
Tuna, Sunchoke @ Qui
Other notable mentions;
Yamashiro's, Hollywood L.A
Doughnut Plant, NYC
Chelsea Market- Lobster Place, Los Taco's, Lucy's Whey, NYC
Katz's Deli, NYC
Birreria @ Eataly, NYC
Ma Peche, NYC
Colicchio & Sons, NYC
Cafe Du Monde (Beignets), New Orleans
Gourdough's Food Truck, Austin
Holsteins, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Giada, The Cromwell Las Vegas
Mermaids Casino (Deep Fried Oreos), Downtown Las Vegas


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