Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck Melbourne

Image taken from crownmelbourne.com
I'm waiting with bated breath for ANY announcement about how to score a table at Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck restaurant opening in Melbourne's Crown Casino in 2015.

It was announced on Facebook at 2.20PM (Australian Eastern Standard Time) yesterday that they will be revealing TODAY how you can possibly score a much coveted table at the restaurant.

One Hour Ago Crown Melbourne's Facebook page posted an image of the building stating 'Look Up! It's The Fat Duck... taking shape at Crown Riverwalk. We are excited to share more new with you in the next could of hours #HestonAtCrown stay tuned..'

These teasers are painful! They know how to build suspense!

The whole thing has been very hush-hush, and although I've been stalking all the appropriate avenues (social media mainly) there has been little information given.

This is all we know so far:

  • Heston is relocating his entire Fat Duck staff to Crown Casino in Melbourne, for a 6 month 'sojourn' while the restaurant's usual residence in Berkshire, UK gets a much-needed renovation.
  • The restaurant will open in February, and will stay true to how it functions in England, having only 45 seats and offering similar dining experiences (most likely a 12-18 course tasting/degustation menu-prices TBA)
  • The story is that Crown Casino has received over 30,000 enquiries about the restaurant and there will be about HALF that amount of seats available for dining during their 6 month opening in Melbourne.
  • There are rumours that there will be a ballot that you will have to enter in order to be chosen for a table. If any of you have ever watched any of Heston's TV series, you'll know he loves the concept of Willy Wonka and giving out prized 'Golden Tickets' to a lucky few.
  • To stay in the loop, you need to join Crown Melbourne's Mailing List, which can be found at the link below. As well as following Crown Melbourne's Facebook and Twitter Pages.
  • If you really are desperate for a table, be prepared to be disappointed. There will be a waiting list longer then the Great Wall of China to get in there, and you'll have to fight me for a spot on it!
So that's really all so far, if you are like me and are waiting for news on how to obtain a table, I wish you the best of luck, because we know that luck is the only thing that might get us in. No amount of 'JUST TAKE MY MONEY HESTON' is going to help us now. 

I will keep you updated when more is revealed!


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