Herman the German Friendship Cake Round 2

Last week I posted a recipe about the friendship cake I received.

Here is the post if you missed it--->


After giving away two portions and baking one cake, I also kept a second portion for myself to try a different recipe with. So 10 days on I split him up again and made another cake- this one I took to work to share around!

I followed the same steps, but instead of apples and raisins in the mix, I used one large ripe banana, 3/4 cup of toasted and crushed hazelnuts and 2/3 of a cup of dark chocolate pieces.

The flavours went beautifully with the mix, and I still topped the cake with slivered almonds and brown sugar before baking so I had the crunchy texture and caramelised sugar to add a little something extra. 

I'd say both the traditional and my own spin on the cakes worked well, but alas I'm all caked out now! I've tried so many new desserts recently I'm ready to post some savoury recipes (and maybe go for a run on the treadmill also!)


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