Our Anniversary dinner at Est.

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary about a month ago, this year has gone so quickly I can't even fathom where it went. We've had a pretty great year, after we got married and had our relaxing, much needed honeymoon we relished in not having to plan anything (a year of wedding plan ups and downs took it out of us!).

We've enjoyed spending time together, not having to stress about saving money- in the 6 years we've been together there's rarely been a time when we haven't been saving towards something, new cars (check), travel around Europe, Asia, Australia, NZ and the Pacific (check), a house (check), new furniture (check), a wedding (check), a puppy (or two-check, check). We've been blessed that we both have been lucky enough to have decent jobs and the ability and motivation to work hard to reach our goals and outcomes, I think it helps too that we have the same goals and the same drive and persistence to achieve them.

So getting to the point, it's been a good year being the old ball and chain, and we've worked hard, so we like to treat ourselves, which brings me to our anniversary dinner. Last year we were given a voucher to use at Est. for our wedding from my work colleagues. And what a better way to spend it then by celebrating our first wedding anniversary.

Murray Cod- Signature Dish
Matt planned it all and booked us a hotel within walking distance from Est. which is in George Street, Sydney. Our dinner reservation was for 7pm and having already decided that we would be having the Tasting Menu our first course was in front of us less then 20 minutes later.

Looks pretty- but not my favourite!
I'd do a play by play of all our courses, but you can have a look at the menu online. I will say my favourite course was the Murray cod fillet, shaved abalone, snow peas, black fungi, ginger and shallot vinaigrette- this is Chef Peter Doyle's signature dish and you can tell he's been perfecting it over the last 7 years because the flavours are astounding. My least favourite was the scampi with white soy royal, steamed eggplant, cucumber, wakame, dashi and coriander leaves- the flavours were great but the texture really threw me, I was a bit disappointed because scampi is one of my all time favourites but in this case I wasn't a fan.

By no means did this put any kind of damper on the meal though, everything was executed beautifully, from the food, to the service that was so flawless it seemed choreographed, to the excellent wine list and the extremely knowledgable sommelier. And through all that I still felt comfortable and not at all like I was the little kid at the adults table trying not to drop my food down the front of my dress. 

I would highly recommend Est. to anyone who appreciates well thought-out food made without any pretensions, but still likes to be 'wowed' and go out to experience and enjoy food you wouldn't be able to make at home. 

A decadent dessert to finish a gorgeous meal!
There you have it. Another food experience!


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