Tips and Tricks of the Trade #10 - HERBS

If you're unsure as to what herbs go with what foods, there's an easy system that is frequently used for different types of herbs;

You have WOODY herbs, these tend to have a heartier flavour and are resilient to high cooking temperatures- rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender and oregano.

Typically these herbs have a stalk that is covered in bark and is inedible, for example rosemary which has small leaves that need to be picked before adding to a dish. Although don't be afraid to use the stalks from these plants as they still impart flavour to dishes, just as long as you remove them before serving the food.

The other type of herbs are HERBACEOUS (or soft herbs as I like to call them). They generally have soft green stalks like parsley, coriander and dill, that are edible, and delicate leaves that are equally as good raw (if not better) then they are when cooked.

So to decide whether a herb is better suited to a certain dish I usually go by;

WOODY- Suited best to meat and poultry. Anything being slow-cooked, or cooked on a high heat.

SOFT- Suited best to Fish and Seafood- Especially if it's being cooked briefly, being served cold or not being cooked at all.

There are plenty of exceptions to this rule, these are just a guide, it's easy to find out what you think goes best by giving it a go- nothing ventured, nothing gained!


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