Tips and Tricks of the Trade # 8 - Pomegranate

I've noticed a lot of blogs and cookbooks featuring pomegranate of late. I'm sure its not only to do with their deliciousness, but also to do with their gorgeous ruby-red colour which is perfect for injecting a bit of Christmas into any dish!

I love how versatile pomegranate is, that it can be used with sweet or savoury meals and that flavour (which I think can only be described as a similar, lighter flavour as cranberry juice) that can complement anything.

The only downside of the pomegranate is how to get the little juice-wrapped seeds out of the maze of pith and inedible membrane that holds the whole thing together. Well, never fear because I have the trick for you!

You will need...
1 pomegranate
1 large bowl
1 knife and chopping board
1 rolling pin (yes. a rolling pin)

1. Cut the pomegranate in half (I usually equate the pomegranate to expose more seeds)
2. Hold the pomegranate, cut side down, over the large bowl. You should do this over the sink, and preferably wear an apron because you will get red juice splatter.
3. Try to hold one side of the top of the pomegranate and using the end of your rolling pin (or any blunt object, really), bash the skin of the pomegranate with decent force, and you will find the seeds start to magically fall into the bowl. Quite miraculously, the seeds will still be intact and you will have minimal membrane fall into the bowl.
4. Continue doing this, as you rotate the pomegranate in your hand, bashing each side of the skin until there are no seeds left inside. Repeat with the other half!


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