Tips and Tricks of the Trade #7 Seasoning

Tips that I swear by...

1. Whenever making a large amount of something, whether it be zucchini slice, meatballs or fritters, always take a small spoonful out and fry it so you can taste if it needs extra seasoning before cooking the whole batch.

2. Season early. Whenever making sauces, braising or stewing, always season early on in the cooking process as this will help the flavour permeate through the dish. Having said that, salt leeches moisture out of everything, so always leave salting until just before the cooking process (exclude salt in marinades etc).

3. Less is more when it comes to salting foods, you only want enough salt to enhance the other flavours of the dish. You can always add more salt but it is quite tricky taking it back out again- although if you find a sauce or stew is a little bit too salty, try adding a peeled whole potato to the dish, this should absorb a little bit of the excess salt.


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