Christmas Fooooooood

I know it's died down in Hangry-town, I've been super busy at work coming up to the end of the year. I have planned out meals for the next few weeks so don't fret!

I'll have a bit of everything, all aspects of menus that you can use for the coming Christmas season.

For entree I'll be doing a hot smoked salmon salad, Larb Gai (which is like a Thai San Choy Bow-chicken or pork mince with flavourings served in lettuce cups), pasta primavera and healthy savoury muffins.

For mains I've got some yummy venison dishes lined up for the coming weeks. I think it's an underrated meat! It's lean and good for you, if you've never tried it, its easy to find nowadays. I picked mine up from Coles- they keep it in the game section next to the Kangaroo meat (which I plan to cook in the coming months also).

For those who don't like game, there'll be some chicken dishes with Middle Eastern influences, make-your-own chicken nuggets and a vegetarian quiche. Oh yeah.. And Ham.. Loads of Christmas ham.

You can't have Christmas without a few desserts- lemon syrup cake, banana bread, low-fat carrot cake, biscuits, meringue with berries, lychees and cream! And last but not least, my moist Christmas cake that I've adapted from my favourite cookbook; Stephanie Alexander Cooks Companion.

Hopefully that will take us into the new year!

If you have any recommendations of recipes you'd like to see don't hesitate to send an email to

Hangry x


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