Sydney Good Food Month: Noodle Night Markets

We were in Sydney visiting some friends last weekend, so we looked up somewhere to go for food. It wasn't hard to find information online about Sydney's Good Food Month, which is Australia's largest food festival and features food from all around the globe all around the city, presented in thousands of different ways.
Upon entering the noodle night markets you are dazzled with a canopy of multi-coloured lanterns, trees adorned with twinkle lights and lets not forget why we're here- the never-ending line of stalls selling any kind of Asian cuisine you can think of.

It's impossible to try everything you want to. We had heard about the new Ramen Burger craze that's taken over 'Cronuts' and now is the 'in thing', so we had to see what the fuss was about. We were lucky to get there a little bit earlier so we did the smart thing and split up and went to a couple of different stalls, which meant we only had to wait about 45 minutes for our Ramen Burgers and about 25 minutes for our dumplings (if you came after us you'd be looking at over an hour wait).
It was well worth the wait, if you're like me you step to the side and watch in awe as they make the dumplings fresh before your very eyes (now you can appreciate the long wait), you can see the hive of activity with at least 15 people working in one stall. You see the bamboo steamers piled sky high with an assortment of different flavour dumplings - we went for pork fried and steamed.
The Ramen Burger was equally impressive- one succulent beef or pork patty sandwiched between to ramen cakes that have been cooked al-dente, frozen then deep-fried to crisp perfection with a side salad to boot!

Overall it was a fun experience, we sat and ate and laughed.... My only recommendation is get in early, and expect to wait for your food. Patience is definitely a virtue in these situations, and if you are not a fan of crowds or eating on the grass surrounded by thousands of other people then I would recommend steering clear altogether. But the food is definitely worth it! I'll definitely be going again!

Read up about Ramen Burgers and the night markets here;


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