Over the break...

I'm straight back into it this week!

After a brief hiatus from my routine I'm back into work, cooking and blogging.

During my break I didn't really do too much, we got GTA 5 when it came out so that's been fun, I'm a maniac driver and Matt is a ruthless shooter so we make a good team when he complete's a mission and I'm the getaway driver (in the game that is... Not in real life)

I cleaned the carpets which took me 4 days, after using one of those shampoo foaming sprays that you vacuum off it looked like there had been some kind of marshmallow explosion and ended up looking all splotchy (I would not recommend using these!), I ended up buying one of those infomercial type carpet cleaning sprays and it really did the job! But being more of a spot cleaner it meant I spent the better part of those four days on my hands and knees with a scrubbing brush and bucket of water. Fun times.

After my Catching Up post I did end up at the markets, and now I have enough herbs to get me through the season. I got busy planting a few different varieties of tomato, cucumber and snow peas. So yeah. Lots of stuff. I'm hoping they all do well and give me some goodies in the coming months.

Also I'm proud to announce our Tahitian lime tree has an abundance of fruit coming in after I fed it the organic fertiliser! About time!

I invested in a gnome too... A Papa Smurf gnome. You know, cos thats how I roll.

I'll post a San Choy Bow recipe later today that will blow your mind!


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