Grilled Beef

The beef I am using is organic grass-fed rump. It's totally up to you what kind of meat you use, and I'm not going to push anything down your throat, but I'm being conscious of what I put into my body at the moment. The saying goes 'you are what you eat', and that goes for animals too- so if a cow has been munching on lovely nutrient-filled grass then it's meat is likely to contain more vitamins and minerals (B & K as well as calcium, magnesium and selenium) if you'd like to read more go to;

You will need... (for 2 or three people)
400gr beef rump (or you could use lamb, pork or even chicken)
1 clove garlic
1 pinch chilli flakes
1 pinch dried parsley
1 pinch dried thyme
1 pinch (you're liking my measurement system here?) dried rosemary*
course salt
freshly ground black pepper
1 Tbs balsamic vinegar
1 splash (again so specific) red wine
1 Tbs olive oil

1. Marinate the beef by rubbing the dry ingredients all over it (except for the salt), then add the wet ingredients. Place in a bowl and cover with glad wrap overnight.
2. Preheat your barbecue to high heat, cook to medium-rare/medium for best results. If you're new to this- check out some helpful hints here- remove and rest.

3. Once rested, slice the beef against the grain into 1-2cm strips, serve alongside a nice rocket and tomato salad, some steamed green veggies or hand cut chippes.

*You can definitely use fresh herbs if you like!
** The barbecue may smoke with the excess balsamic, wine and oil, never fear, it's just adding a little flavour!


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