An Observation...

Since we began our treks to the local farmers markets and growing our own herbs, there's been nothing but positive repercussions. The number one obviously being better tasting food, but also saving money.

It's amazing to think that making such a small change can have such an impact on the way we eat as well as on our wallets!

For starters, buying our fruit and vegetables directly from the markets is so much cheaper then buying from the local grocery store. You tend to buy less food, because there's no 'Special Bulk Offers' more often which means its fresher and there's a lot less chance of wastage. You're also cutting out the middle man, and not really having to pay overheads for international shipping and storage which means everything is soooo much cheaper.

Investing in growing our own herbs has had a massive impact too, because quite often I'd buy those big pre-packaged herbs, use one sprig and then the rest would sit and wilt until I found another use for them (or sadly had to throw them away), now I can just pop into my backyard an snip off as much or as little as I need- WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER?

I am now putting more thought into meal plans. In the past I've always been one to buy whats on special or whatever I feel like at the time under the pretext of 'I'll make something with that this week' and then unfortunately rarely following through. But now, knowing I will be heading to the markets for fruit and vegetables on the weekend, I put a little bit of time aside to think about and research a handful of meals I'd like to make throughout the week.

Which is doing us a world of good because I'm more likely to make nutritious, thought-out meals, rather then throwing something together when I get home from work. And I obviously have a variety of different meal-ideas to choose from. Tonight I've got some yummy lamb that I'll be marinating and serving with some roast tomato, lentil, olive & goat cheese salad, and some pork mince to make some asian skewers with lemon grass, garlic and soy that I'll make later in the week (both coming up on the blog later this week).

I've already decided to whip up a key lime pie with the abundance of limes that are appearing on my lime tree, so keep an eye out for that one in the coming weeks also!

So yeah, now we could just use a good bit of rain- not just to water my plants but to put an end to the raging bushfires that are occurring around our state at the moment. Thoughts and prayers going out to all the people who have lost their homes, and to the people fighting the fires.

Hangry x


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