Tips and Tricks of the Trade # 5

I thought I'd share this one today, something chefs do without thinking but people at home wouldn't normally do and it can save you time and money (as well as making things a bit more neat in your fridge and freezer)

1. Buy your meat in bulk.
2. Portion it out in serves that you would generally use (it's just me and Matt at home so we do portions of 2, with meat normally around the 200gr portion mark depending on what it is), into zip-lock bags or sandwich bags.
3. Use a permanent marker and write on either masking tape or on the bag- what it is, weight and date.

That way when you dig through your freezer you know whats in there and how long it's been there, this works for almost anything- chicken, fish, sausages, bread, butter... Anything and everything.


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