Me and the Garden Part II

It's now the beginning of Spring and we've just had one of our driest and warmest winters in a number of years, I've been peaking out the bedroom window every morning for the last few weeks wondering when winter was going to have its last gasp but it never came, fading away into unusually warm weather for spring.

We're happy now, but give it 3 months and we'll be wishing for winter back while sitting out the back sweltering with a warm beer, only hoping the summer bushfires don't get too close to our homes. It's a worry. There's no denying global warming now.

I'm just hoping we get maybe a little rain so that my water tank (that's been bone-dry 3 times since the beginning of winter) can fill up enough to water my plants! And speaking of plants I'll get to the point- I've done what I promised in my previous Garden post and revved myself up about planting. I've got my organic herbs that I bought from Kiama Local Produce Markets the other weekend going really well, and now I've just bought some tomato and lettuce seeds to get going as well. Matts lime tree is flowering and I've just fed it some organic fertiliser so hopefully we might see some fruit for the first time ever.

With the school holidays coming up I've decided to dedicate a little bit of time to the backyard. We'd love to lay new grass and pull up the existing garden (that consists of about 8 shrubs and a load of wood chips). I'll hopefully look at getting a planter set up somewhere so I can look at expanding my garden, maybe put Matt to work to build one somewhere, the issue is living in a townhouse with a small yard which is surrounded by two storey buildings means that most of the yard is shaded most of the day, and the area that isn't shaded is in direct sunlight all day... So I'll have to get creative I think!

I'd love to have one of these filled with herbs and veggies somewhere...

I'll post an update in the next couple of weeks!

Hangry x


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