Garden Update

Thought I'd take a little break from cupcaking (don't stress I haven't given up- I'll be posting Apple Streusel cupcakes later today), and just give a quick update on my other ventures!

Ok, so my herbs have gone mental... It's either the organic fertiliser, the spot on the window ledge down the side of my house or something, but they're loving it! I've never had any luck growing basil before which made me sad but now it's growing really well so I'm happy. I'll probably have to repot them in the coming months into a bigger receptacle. I like that word. Receptacle.

I mixed a cup of the fertiliser pellets with water to make a tea and I've been adding it to all my plants. My wine barrel with the lavender, succulents and rosemary is very happy indeed and the succulents have doubled in size over the last couple of weeks. I decided to plant some nasturtium seeds in there so we'll keep an eye on those and hopefully they'll take off soon!

My lettuce and tomato sprouts on the windowsill have started getting taller- I'm still not sure which sprouts are which... I'm thinking that the tall ones with the skinny leaves are tomato and the more rounded sprouts (that aren't growing as quickly) are the lettuce- which I reckon might turn out to be butter lettuce one day. I'm thinking when I repot the herbs I'll put the tomato in that planter, and then get another planter for the lettuce.

My truffle tree looked like it was getting eaten by something. So when I bought the goods to repot it I bought some natural bug repellant- Yates Success. I had to be careful to get one that didn't have any fungicide in it because that would kill my truffles! We don't want that! It's looking a lot happier now.

I trimmed off he leaves that were mostly munched to help to encourage new growth, and it's worked, I've noticed it sprouting more through the top since I removed a couple of leaves (I heard somewhere that if you lightly trim the leaves off saplings then it encourages them to grow bigger- I dunno, I'm just making this up as I go along)

No truffles yet haha... But the tree is happy for now and that's the important thing. I've got it living both inside and outside, moving it around with the weather, we've had some wind and I was concerned about it so it's mostly been inside. Today is sunny and lovely so it's sitting outside on the air conditioning unit beside my house.

I think thats about it... Oh yeah the Tahitian lime tree we bought 2 years ago looked super promising, it had heaps of flowers, and it hasn't bore fruit yet, but it got a bit eaten as well, so I've sprayed it too. I'll keep an eye on it and hopefully we might get out first lime out of it this year!

On another note- our yard looks like a bomb hit it. Our puppy, Reuben, escaped 2 weeks ago and was missing for 2 days. We were heartbroken, but long story short our neighbours found him romping around a property not too far from our house. He dug out of the yard after multiple attempts to keep him from escaping, so we thought we better step it up a notch to stop him from ever getting out again.

Matt suggested concrete boots for him. LOL... Then he decided the more humane thing to do was dig a trench under the fence and fill it with concrete. Then lay a sleeper over the top. So we did that, and he's not getting anywhere! But where we dug to lay the concrete is just a bog- 3 days of rain didn't help though, so after spreading out the soil (which we've discovered is just fill- meaning the soil under our house and yard is mainly comprised of bits of rock, clay, tiles, concrete- you name it, basically just scraps) we've decided we need to fix up the yard sooner rather then later. We'll be ripping up the existing garden beds and laying turf. Leaving a good square for my future veggie garden. Looking forward to getting started on that over these school holidays :-)

Well that's more then enough for today... Happy Thursday everyone!

Hangry x


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