Cupcake Week
It's Cupcake Week next week!

It's come around so quickly!

So far I've had a couple of recommendations;

Lavender Cupcakes - Hayley

Earl Grey Cupcakes with Marmalade - Gem

Chilli Cupcakes - Maddie

Bacon Cupcakes - Matt

So I need 3 more cupcake ideas from you guys... Get creative!!


  1. With the sweet treats clearly invading my thoughts at the moment, how do these sound?

    Bourbon and Butterscotch
    Pomegranate and White Chocolate
    Orange Blossom
    Turkish Coffee and Cardamom
    Apple with Struesel

    1. Oooooh Kitty they all sound fantastic! I have made honeycomb in the past and I think that sounds like a really great idea.. Although I don't think I can go past Apple with Struesel.. I can just imagine it now with cinnamon and vanilla yummmmmy!!


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