CUPCAKE WEEK... Day 6: Fairy floss

I think I'm getting a little bit tired of making cupcakes... And even more tired of eating them... I decided to do something a bit different...

I decided to cheat! I know- Shame on me. But seriously. I'm one woman. And it's Saturday. And I've had quite a busy day. So I used a packet mix!

To be honest though- I thought it through, and decided a packet mix would be better. I wanted that artificial strawberry flavour, that was only obtainable through fake flavouring and I thought why not go the whole hog and use totally sugary, food coloured packet mix? Thanks Betty Crocker!

The topping I used was just a plain buttercream and I just spread it on to give it that kiddy-cupcake look. Then to floss-it-up I put a pinch of pink sugary-delight on the top! Then- as if that wasn't enough, I gave it a sprinkling of edible glitter! Wowza! Looks fit for a 5 year olds birthday party!

Meg, I'm pretty sure if you show Penny this she's going to want you to make it for her next birthday- but don't fret! Just follow my lead and do the packet-mix thing, no one will know ;-)


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