CUPCAKE WEEK... Day 2: Earl Grey Cupcakes with Marmalade Frosting

This one was interesting! I decided to use Earl Grey rather then English Breakfast because it's definitely more fragrant- also the hints of Bergamot in Earl Grey pair really well with orange (which is what the marmalade is made out of!) Gem requested this flavour- and in her honour I decided to make it an homage to the English- Hence the Union Jack flag! (PS. I made it myself!)

For the cupcake I used a basic vanilla mix, and then steeped 3 teabags in the milk, which I heated up and then allowed to cool to room temperature before adding to the mix... I got this trick from

The marmalade icing, I used a basic buttercream, and then folded in the marmalade which I chopped to give a smoother consistency. I decided to pipe up high as if the flag was in a mountain- looks quite triumphant I think!! Gem you should be proud for picking this flavour-its delicious!


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