Catching up...

I've been a bit quiet on the blog-front this week! It's school holidays and I've been a busy little bee catching up on all my chores that I don't get a chance to do while I'm working, hence not much cooking.

I'm pretty exhausted after the last couple of weeks, I was hoping no one would notice that I didn't post Sunday's cupcakes. That's because they didn't happen. I'm not a quitter, I just CBF making one more batch of cupcakes, and to be honest I can't even remember what I did instead.. Seriously... Mind Blank. I reckon I was probably hangry.

AAAAAANNYYWAYS... Off topic it's Matt's birthday next weekend and we're going out for dinner to The Hungry Duck in Berry. Pretty excited for some yummy locally-sourced food... And to have a nice meal that I don't have to cook or eat out of a takeaway container. I'd take photos and blog about the food but I think I'd rather just sit back and enjoy it and hang out with my husband :-)

So before I go I'll give you a quick update- my Truffle Tree is still alive on the air conditioner, and my sourdough got fed today and it's chilling in the fridge. I took some out to make a loaf this week, have some linseeds soaking to add to it, see how it goes!

This Saturday the Kiama Produce Market is on again** so I'll be going to pick up some more organic herbs after my basils and thyme took off so well. I'll have to think about what other herbs I use. I wouldn't mind oregano, maybe a small bay tree? See what else tickles my fancy... I hope I've kicked the curse of the brown thumb for good now!

That's all I've got for now. I'm thinking next week I might try my hand at making my own ricotta if I feel like it. I've never done it before so I'll have to do some research beforehand. I'll keep you all updated.

Hangry x

** We thought it was on last weekend accidentally.. We didn't want to waste the drive so we continued on to Gerringong where we found many of the same stalls anyway, we stocked up on organic fruit and vegetables for the week and even bought some smoked salt from the same stall we got the smoked garlic from at the Kiama markets (did I mention Matt loves anything smoked? Mainly bacon.) it's good to know we can keep our fridge stocked with fresh local fruit and veg more then once a month!


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