Tips and Tricks of the Trade # 3

Time for another trick of the trade! Actually here's a couple that will help you out if you ever run into strife....

1. Bug repellent: If you have trouble with Weevils (the tiny little bugs that breed in your flour container), place a bay leaf in the container as a natural deterrent. Or you can scatter a few bay leaves around your pantry.

2. Longer lasting herbs: Store any herbs upright in the fridge with their cut stems in water, like you would a bunch of flowers. Just cover well with a damp chux or cloth and glad wrap.

3. Need more juice: Roll your citrus fruits on the bench, pressing down firmly with the palm of your hand. If you want even more juice, warm them up slightly by microwaving them for 5 seconds.

4. Check if an eggs cooked: Spin an egg on its side, if it spins smoothly it's hard boiled, if if wobbles it's still raw.

Hope these tips have been helpful... Until next time! Xx


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