Sourdough Week 3!

I'm in my third week of Sourdough already- can you believe it? We've decided it's about time we give it a name, after all, we've grown close- feeding it, watering it, giving it TLC, so we've named it 'Daintree Dough'.

It's looking extra loved this week, we can't decide weather it's because of the crazy winds we've been having, or just the extra time that's lapsed but when I did my reduction yesterday and again decided to use the 'waste' to make a dough, it rose beautifully.

I may have done a couple of things differently- like leaving the dough a bit wetter, adding about 4 grains of sugar (I was petrified if I added too much I'd be ruining my beautiful dough), leaving the dough to prove next to the heater for 2 hours, then on the kitchen bench overnight before punching it back and leaving it again to prove all day (so 24 hours of proving all up). And baking it according to Hugh's instructions, in a hot oven, with a pan of water for steaminess!

I'm loving it! Yummo!!! Looking forward to it being even better next week! Might put some grains in it and change it up a bit. I'm keen to play around with some different flavours now :-)


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