Rosette Cake

I stumbled across the Rose Cake Tutorial  on over a year ago and thought what a great way to ice a cake with no fuss. It's pretty girly, super rich (you need a lot of icing) and you don't need much time or equipment.

As you can see mine's far from perfect. I think my icing was a little stiff so my roses kind of sat on top of each other instead of sitting flat, but it's all about practise! I also struggled piping the sides because I was standing and couldn't get the right angle. I think if you sit down and have the cake at eye level it makes it a bit easier.

I now use this rosette technique on top of cupcakes too- instead of giving them a 'Mr Whippy' looking icing I make a little rose, I think it looks prettier and balances the cake to icing ratio.

I used my own icing recipe from Easy as Vanilla Cupcakes, but for this I think you should add a tiny bit of room-temperature milk to soften it (1/4 cup to a batch of icing)...

The filling of the cake is a vanilla and a chocolate sponge layered with chocolate whipped cream (decadent I know)... It was such a hit with the family I ended up making a double-tier one for our engagement party which was a bit crazy because I rushed it a bit it ended up looking like a mountain of icing roses... and we loved it!


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