First Attempt Cinnamon Scrolls

Ok I'm chalking this one up to practice... This recipe I used was basically a scone-dough rolled out with some butter, sugar and cinnamon. The recipe didn't even call for icing which I thought was outrageous so I put some on there anyway, it's also called a 'butterscotch' scroll which I think is a bit of a stretch!

So here is the link -->

I added an extra 2 tbs or so of milk, and still had to knead it to get it smooth.. It really wasn't what I expected it to be, even though I knew it wasn't going to be a glorious Cinnabon with the 'hot jizz' (in the words of Louie CK- if you haven't seen his stand-up you should YouTube him RIGHT NOW), but it was a first attempt and really, I think this recipe is far from what I imagine a light, fluffy, juicy scroll to be.

I think I got a bit cranky too because my hands were cold and stiff so when I was working in the butter I got cramps! Washed Up! Anyway, they don't look too bad and they don't taste too bad straight out of the oven but I think I'll try this recipe next because it looks a bit more 'scrolley' to me ---> Oh and it doesn't leave out the 'hot jizz' LOL.. How sad do they look without the icing- seriously?


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