Cupcake Week!

Vanilla Cupcakes Made For Valentines Day

It's Cupcake week from the 16th-22nd of September! Ok, it's in the UK but I've decided to set myself a cooking challenge anyway!

Between now and then I'd like you, my readers, to send me requests for flavours of cupcakes you'd like to see me make at either in a comment below or an email to or alternatively message me on Facebook if you're lucky enough to be a friend of mine!

Spring-time Cuppies with Cute Fondant Flowers

I'll be making a different type of cupcake every day for the whole week, so if I get plenty of requests I'm sorry but I'll have to pick which ones to make. I may even take it to a vote! If you have a particular recipe in mind send it on, but make sure you let me know who's recipe it is so I can give them proper credit!

I'm excited to see what flavours you guys can suggest, and make sure you challenge me! If you're nearby and would like to purchase any cupcakes (especially if they're a flavour that you requested), feel free to drop me a line, otherwise they'll be going free to my family and work friends!

Chocolate Snickers Halloween Cakes

I'll be posting about each cupcake I make, and letting you know which ones to try and which ones to avoid! And you'll obviously take credit for the cupcake flavour if it's yours I pick, so if it's disgusting you're going to have to take full responsibility haha! But it's just a bit of fun, so join in and over the next few weeks drop me a line and let me know what you're dream flavour is ;-)

Lemon-Buttercream Mini Cupcakes

Let the games begin!


Elise The Hangry Chef


  1. Elise this sounds like a fabulous week. I've been wanting to make lavender cupcakes but can't find a lavender extract... I think you should do a post on how to make it! Xx love your lazy friend :)

    1. Hay, that sounds awesome!! Ok I'll give lavender a try, I wonder how edible fresh lavender is? I'll have to look into it- I might be able to use the stuff I have growing at home


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