Tips & Tricks Of The Trade #1

There's more to cooking then just throwing ingredients together, you need to be organised in the kitchen otherwise things are just going to fall apart. Cooking shouldn't be stressful unless you're serving an 18-course menu to 150 people all coming in at separate times, and really, even then if you're prepared it shouldn't feel like you're being raped by all those people simultaneously.

I read this blog today and it gave me a really good laugh, not because of how funny she is but because I know where she's coming from.

If you're a chef, married to a chef, have a chef in the family or have ever run into a chef on the street you'll know that we're an angry bunch and we hate it when people think they can waltz into a kitchen at home and do what we do. It's pretty unrealistic to think you're a Masterchef (and I really hate that term) when cooking is your hobby and you have so much more to learn. We're all just on a quest to provide and enjoy good food and there's no need to be a dick about it, so shut your face, sharpen your knife and learn something...

Trick of the trade #1

Mise En Place

Literally translates to 'putting in place' meaning that before you start cooking, you need to have everything in its place. Most recipes start off with elements of Mise En Place for example;  Step 1. Peel potatoes (its really not that hard).

It's really as simple as getting whatever ingredients ready you need for your recipe. This can begin days in advance with the preparation of a stock that will be used in a sauce or a soup, but it also includes having all your equipment, utensils and ingredients ready to go.
We've all fallen into the trap of cooking something that is time-sensitive and having to rifle through the pantry mid-stir which leads to accidentally burning whatever we have on the stove.

So really number 1 important trick is HAVE EVERYTHING READY AND AT HAND before you start cooking. It's that simple. If you do this then your time in the kitchen should be so much easier, and lets face it, organisation shouldn't stop in the kitchen, it should be a part of your whole life, and if its not you might wanna sort that out.


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