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Ok, I know it's February. I've been busy, so I'll say HAPPY CHINESE LUNAR NEW YEAR!
What have I been busy with you ask? Well, since I last posted, which I'm sorry to say was 6 months ago, several big life-changing things have happened...

Firstly, we finished building a house, sold the house we were living in and moved into the newly built house.

For anyone who has built a home from scratch before you will know there's lots to do to get it ready to be liveable once the actual home is complete- fencing, driveways and footpaths, landscaping (which is still on our to do list!), furnishing, dog-proofing, organising, decorating... The list goes on!

We're still going and we moved in in November. No doubt it will take us years to get things settled and established. But the biggest challenge of getting into the house and making it liveable is over. Now to settle in at our own pace, after all, we live there now- we have plenty of time to make it 'o…